Animal Allergy & Dermatology Center of Central TX

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Allergy shots are the best thing that ever happened to Brick. He had sores all over his body and was miserable. He is now so happy and sweet. – Leah P.

Diesel is like a puppy all over again! He isn't itchy, rarely scratches, and has tons of energy he previously lacked when suffering from allergies and infections. - Mandi M.

I've been taking my dog to get treated at AADC for a year now, and I just can't say enough good things about them. First of all, the idea in general; if your pet has chronic itchiness, discomfort, and skin problems, stop putting a bandaid on it with your regular vet and go to a specialist. The peace of mind we've had from our dog's comfort is so worth every dollar we spend there, because she's not chewing and scratching herself raw anymore. Second, the service and people at AADC are amazing. Dr. Nichols takes care to pay close attention to you and your pet, explain what's going on to you, and remembers and cares for your pet so well. My absolute favorite thing he does is send us home with a written report every single time. I can always refer back to it when I need to remember how to treat my dog or see if we should call for a follow up appointment, and I can track her progress over time as well. The vet techs and desk staff are also amazing; I called earlier this week to make an appointment because my dog was starting to get itchy again. They initially didn't have an opening for a couple of weeks, but they told me they would try to find something sooner and call me back later that day. They did call me back in a couple hours and they were able to get us in the very next day. Other than all that, their facility is clean, quiet, and comfortable, which is always a plus at the vet. - Holly C.

After 9 months of treating the symptoms of the itching & biting with 2 other vets, my dog's skin has healed!  I've had total confidence in Dr Nichols since the initial consultation! He went right to the root of the problem and treated my dog's skin infection. He is professional, knowledgeable, took the time to explain everything. Highly recommend AADC. - Pauline S.

Our Lab, Jack, had terrible allergies. We just treated the symptoms for over a year with our regular vet, then she suggested we go see Dr. Nichols, and we are so happy we did. Allergy testing proved Jack is allergic to pretty much everything! Dr. Nichols developed an antigen we give Jack every week. His issues have disappeared and he is healthy and beautiful. I highly recommend Dr. Nichols to anyone who has a pet suffering from allergies.- Rebecca T.

I have six pets and work in animal welfare, and Dr. Nichols is hands-down the best vet I've ever met -- and I have met a LOT of vets! He's warm, friendly, deeply compassionate, very knowledgeable, and thorough in both the exam itself and his explanation of underlying causes of symptoms and treatment plan options. At our initial consultation, I was so pleased that he had clearly pored through my dog's medical records before he even came into the exam room to meet us, so I didn't feel any time was wasted trying to get him up to speed on her previous treatments. He asks a lot of questions about her symptoms and listens well -- a skill I wish more doctors had! We're now four months into our long term treatment plan, and I trust him implicitly with my dog's allergy issues. - Miranda D.

My 19 month old Dogue De Bordeaux, Moose, and I recently had the most fantastic experience with Dr. Nichols and his staff! Upon recommendation, we made an appointment with Dr. Nichols to discuss Moose's ongoing skin issues.  Moose had been on antibiotics 10 TIMES since we took him home at 8 wks.  For the past 6 months, Moose had an ongoing staph infection that was untreatable by common antibiotics.  He been on antibiotics so many times, that he had grown immune to them. When we went to see Dr. Nichols, we were at our wits end.  It didn't seem possible that we would find a solution.  Dr. Nichols immediately resolved Moose's current skin condition (staph infection) via a relatively uncommon antibiotic.  It only took two tries to find something that worked!  While we treated the secondary condition, we started Moose on a Rx food with a unique protein (rabbit). It's been two months and 10 days since our initial visit with Dr. Nichols. I am ELATED to report that his coat looks fantastic - better than it's ever looked. Dr. Nichols is exceptional. One of the most impressive things about Dr. Nichols is his ability to simplify the situation to the "layman".  He provides extensive notes after each appointment (we had 3 in total), so you leave knowing exactly what was done and what you need to do to provide the best possible treatment for your pet. His staff is friendly, professional and very knowledgeable.  They were able to help me with questions and provided great advice. Seeing a specialist can be very expensive.  If you're going to see a dermatologist, don't waste your time.  Go see THE best one in Austin. - Karen J.

Super people and place! I took my Blue Lacy, Bocephus, that's been fighting allergies and other hereditary issues no one else has been able to help with. Not only did I learn a lot of info about my dog, it was also the most comfortable Bo has ever been in an exam room. Highly recommend if your dog is having skin issues. - Kevin P.

Every time we arrive, our Golden Retriever, Honey, leaps out of the car and runs to the door to see Dr. Nichols. This amazes us because at our regular vet she cowers in the car and a technician has to come out and help us drag her into the clinic. Not at AADC! Dr. Nichols and the whole staff are just so nice. They have helped Honey immensely and we are very grateful. I tell everyone to go see Dr. Nichols. - Glenda H.

Mateo has suffered Atopic Dermatitis. He was in different treatments with other veterinarians without any improvement. We visited Dr. Patrick Nichols, who elaborated a detailed therapeutic plan, and in just 4 weeks, Mateo showed great improvement. Very grateful for the attention and collaboration of all AADC staff! - Francisco G.

I'm so happy I found the good folks at AADC. They are all fantastic and I can finally relax, knowing my Gemma's ears are will be taken care of. Lots of work ahead...but what a great team to work with. - Mary S.

We are grateful our primary vet referred us to Dr. Nichols - William C.

Wonderful doctor and employees. Amazing place with caring saints. I wouldn't take our dogs anywhere else for allergies and great service. - Mindy S.

Dr. Nichols and his whole staff are so wonderful, knowledgeable, accommodating, and friendly. My Labrador had recurring ear infections and skin issues, and thanks to Dr. Nichols and staff now you would never know! We found out what she is allergic to and changed her diet. She looks and feels better than ever. Always a pleasant experience when we visit and they are so sweet to my pup and make her feel comfortable. - Kira S.

It was a wonderful experience! Staff was friendly and helpful for my boxer Zeus. - Randy C.

Dr. Nichols and his staff are amazing! My baby, Zoey, had uncontrollable allergies when we moved to Austin. She is now super comfortable and doesn't itch all the time. - Dr. Cheryl W. (DVM)

Dr. Nichols performed a very detailed exam and explained his plan in great detail. Staff was amazing and Alley is already doing much better, just after a few days. - Terry H.

My dog, Baby, was the itchiest being on the planet when we adopted her. Dr. Nichols and his team worked with us to do allergy testing. Thanks to her treatments, she is a much happier dog and we haven't seen the itchiness return. The staff is Pit Bull-friendly and makes a bug fuss over how adorable she is, which makes me love them even more. - Carrie C.

Highly recommend! Dr. Nichols helped our Frenchie when no one else could. - John B.