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To schedule a New Patient appointment, we must first receive your pet's Medical History from their general practitioner as this serves as their referral to us.

Please call your regular veterinary clinic and ask them to share your pet's Full Medical Records with Animal Allergy and Dermatology Center. They may send via email to or fax to 512-477-4826. It is important you request this of every clinic which has treated your pet as Dr. Nichols needs a full history.

After you make the request(s) for medical records to be sent to Dr. Nichols, please complete and submit the form below. After we receive medical records from the general practitioner, we will use the information you provide in this form to contact you to schedule an appointment. 

Our New Patient appointments typically book eight to twelve weeks in advance. We do keep a Wait List and attempt to move patients up in the schedule whenever possible.

You will secure your pet's appointment by providing a credit card number which will be stored in our safeguarded system. This information may be used for any future medication refill requests, missed appointment fees, etc. (Our Appointment Policy is detailed on this website, on the New Patient Welcome email we will send you, and on the New Client Form.)

We look forward to meeting you and helping you get to the bottom of your pet's allergy/dermatological issues.

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