Animal Allergy & Dermatology Center of Central TX

2207 Lake Austin Boulevard
Austin, TX 78703


 Practice Manager, Jennifer Nichols

Jennifer has been involved in the field of veterinary medicine for thirty years, if you count being married to Dr. Nichols for three decades as experience via osmosis! Although they met at Texas A&M University (Whoop!), Jennifer also earned a degree from The University of Texas. She has many years of experience in marketing, sales management, and education. Caring for our patients, clients, and employees is her forte, as she always has a kind word and smile for everyone. She leads the team of our literal Mom and Pop business with compassion and heart. Away from the clinic, she enjoys the family pets, playing tennis, her friends, and most importantly, being proud mom to sons Luke and Blake whom she and Dr. Nichols thank the Lord for every day.

 Veterinary Technician, Kelly

Kelly is a great asset to our AADC family as she has held various positions in the field of veterinary medicine since 2001 and specifically veterinary allergy and dermatology since 2008.  She is a font of information pertaining to general veterinary care and possess broad knowledge of the specialty of allergy and dermatology.  She is the go-to person for everything AADC! Kelly is a great mom to Madison and Cooper as well as the love of her life Walter, an adorable English Bulldog.  The family recently added a pug puppy named Ralph. She enjoys live music in the Red River District, greenbelt hikes, swimming, and snuggling with her pups.

 Veterinary Technician, Stefanie

With a degree in Zoology, Stefanie has an intimate understanding of the natural world and the animals that surround us. Her work with wildlife ranges from rehabilitating baby raccoons and skunks to caring for exotic species of reptiles and birds of prey. Stefanie is always happy to indulge your curiosity by helping with any animal-related questions. Aside from serving as a technician at AADC, Stefanie volunteers by taking care of orphaned and injured wildlife.  Her passion for animals does not stop at AADC or while volunteering - one of the best parts of her day is coming home to her German Shepard, Nola, and her cuddly cat, Demi.