Animal Allergy & Dermatology Center of Central TX

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Our Practice

Dr. Nichols utilizes advanced diagnostic procedures to determine the underlying cause of your pet's skin and/or ear issues and draws upon his special expertise to develop a custom treatment plan. His focus on the source of the problem, instead of stopgap measures which address only the chronic symptoms, saves you time and money in the long run and most importantly, saves your pet from a lifetime of suffering ongoing symptoms.

You will have great peace of mind knowing your pet's care is in the hands of a highly-trained doctor who has over twenty years of experience exclusively in the field of allergy and dermatology.

Dr. Nichols concludes every appointment with a multi-page report which you take home for your education and reference. This report may include any or all of the following details: your pet's medical history, laboratory results, medical procedures performed, diagnosis/diagnoses, step-by-step treatment instructions, medications, topical therapies, and the plan moving forward. He sends this same report to your primary care veterinarian, so they may work as a team to care for your pet.

Walter, the adorable pup of AADC Technician, Kelly.