Animal Allergy & Dermatology Center of Central TX

2207 Lake Austin Boulevard
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Before & After Photos of Dr. Nichols' Patients

There is no better vet than Dr. Nichols. We so appreciate what he does. He is the greatest, as is the whole staff. Our dog, Pickles, was so bad off, with red skin, missing hair, and her remaining hair was very greasy. Poor girl, but the good doctor made her well. – Karen B. 

Prior to finding Dr. Nichols, we had struggled with Bodhi's skin issues. We had tried various techniques including different types of antibiotics, medicated baths, holistic allergy treatments, medications, food changes, and household product changes. But nothing seemed to get it under control. After a thorough visit with Dr. Nichols and a good treatment plan, we saw significant improvement in Bodhi almost immediately and his issues cleared up completely within a few weeks. He is feeling so much better and it shows in his daily routine. We thank Dr. Nichols for being so caring and thorough.  - Jacquelyn M.

I felt so helpless and guilty that our dog, Beezle, was in obvious pain. Dr. Nichols was amazingly kind and worked as a partner with our other vet, instead of just duplicating efforts. We were able to test for allergies, and it was a huge relief to find out exactly what was going on. He's allergic to dust mites, our wool rug, every grass in our yard, and even us! AADC made allergy shots and gave us free hands-on training. Beezle is back to his old self. I am so thankful for AADC. - Kat A.

Deacon loves Dr. Nichols and we love that Dr. Nichols has helped him so much. Everyone at AADC treats us like family. - Mitch G.